Isbjorn Blanket 54"x78"

Isbjorn Blanket 54"x78"
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Three Bags Full of Wool

Isbjorn the polar bear is a favorite Norwegian creature. From the polar caps to clear mountain streams he fishes and traverses Norway's coast with freedom and aplomb. Keep warm and cozy with Isbjorn in this award winning blanket. The Roros blankets are made from 100% pure new Norwegian wool. All of the wool is selected from sheep grazing fresh Norwegian mountain pastures that ensures you soft, airy and comfortable blankets that are robust enough to remain beautifully functional for many years. The design and style of these blankets are inspired by the esthetic and cultural heritage of Norway and the fascinating mountain scenery. Wool is a completely natural product with unique properties, so the old saying "There is no substitute for wool." is most certainly true.

100% Pure Norwegian Wool. Wool insulates, is environmentally friendly, absorbs moisture without losing its warmth, is naturally flame retardant and is dirt repellent. History card included. Made in Norway by Roros-Tweed A/S in keeping with nature. All rights reserved. For questions please contact or call 1-800-297-5772 between 9:00am - 5pm CST

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