Kartio Everyday Drinking

Kartio Everyday Drinking
It takes bravery and spirit to be simple. Creating the perfect glass starts with the hand that will hold it, and with questions about what that hand would prefer to hold. Many of Kaj Franckís objects have the feeling that they could not have been designed any other way. Their excellence is neither dependant on time, nor the individual evaluating them. Throughout the years, many attempts have been made to copy Kaj Franck by applying his rational geometry to new designs. These attempts always fail, because they donít take into account the living spirit and wisdom required to give thought to simple things. Complexity is rarely wise, and it takes bravery and spirit to be simple.

Kaj Franck (1911-1989) Born in Vyborg, Finland, Kaj Franck is described as the conscience of Finnish design. He removed everything excessive in his designs, leaving only the essentials. Kaj Franck has been awarded a large number of Finnish and international awards and prizes, and his work has been displayed at a range of design museums around the world. Some of his most famous objects are the Teema tableware and the glass series Kartio.

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